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Q: Is shipping really free?
A: The vast majority of our items are going to ship absolutely free of charge to any residence in the continental United States with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, and any other U.S. territories.


Q: How much is freight shipping, and when must I pay for it?
A: We do carry some extra heavy items which require freight shipping. The cost of freight shipping depends on the following variables:

  • distance between your residence and the manufacturer's warehouse or plant.
  • whether a lift gate is necessary during delivery.
  • how quickly the item is expected to be shipped (e.g. standard versus expedited).


Please contact us before you order an item you have shipping-related questions about.


Q: I ordered a grill that arrived with missing or damaged parts. What do I do now?
A: We always advise our customers to check their packages as soon as they are delivered to verify that all the needed parts are there. If there are damaged or missing parts, please contact us as soon as possible. Most manufactures will ship you whichever parts are damaged or missing.


Q: Where can I find the warranty for my smoker?
A: Warranties differ by manufacturer. The warranty info is available in the product description for each smoker. Contact us for more specific info regarding warranties.